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Re: [Xen-users] xen baremetal 3.2.99 console

> I am not sure if I read this wrong but it is required to run windows
> client in order to use the new xen console for 3.2.99?  Is there a
> linux or wine version being created by the opensource foks?
> We do not have windows running nor the desire to reinstall it on anything.

Are you asking about the Xen{Express,Server,Enterprise} product?  This list is 
mostly about the open source release of Xen so people here aren't so familiar 
with those products; we try to answer but we don't always know ;-)  There are 
forums at http://forums.xensource.com that might be able to answer your 
question more specifically.

I was under the impression that the management console for XenSource's 
products was written in Java and could be run either on Windows or Linux - 
indeed, I thought maybe it was useable from a web browser.  I vaguely recall 
reading about a Linux installer for it.


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