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[Xen-users] Help with xen networking needed


I'm hoping someone out there has already done this and has all the relevant scripts and config files pretty much figured out. I have dom0 with bonded and VLAN tagged interfaces that I'm trying to bridge domU too. This is what my network config looks like:

eth2 + eth3 = bond1
bond1.48 is the vlan interface on bond1 (vlan 48)

I need to have domU on a different VLAN (42). Would I set the xen bridge up on bond1 or bond1.48? The default Xen scripts won't set this up for me, and the info I've found on the internet has either been for bonding + Xen or VLAN + Xen, but not bonding + VLAN + Xen on a different VLAN.

Hoping someone has already been down this road and can help before I spend more hours trudging through the bridge scripts. Thanks!


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