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[Xen-users] Re: domUs not ping each other

Selim Jahangir wrote:
Hi Sadique You helped me last time to run more domUs. Now I am remembering you again . I have installed 4 virtual Pcs in Xen. And I set up the network interface and trying to ping , it does not ping. But all the VPs can ping to the host PC. Any solution
Do you have any sort of firewalls? What you get with tcpdump?

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Selim Jahangir wrote:
Hi there
I have installed Xen virtual machine in Red Hat Enterprise 5 named
virtpc1. Now can you tell me how can I get more copy of the virtpc1
named virtpc2, virtpc3 etc ?

What I have done so far ,

I copied the virtpc1 as virtpc2 and virtpc3 in /etc/xen , changed the
hostname and file name in config respective in /etc/xen also I copied
the disk file in /opt/virtpc1 as virtpc2 and virtpc3.
When I type
# xm create virtpc1 , it creates domain virtpc1 fine and running fine.
But when I type xm create virtpc2 it fails but if I type xm list and I
can see two more domains created by the named virtpc1 virtpc1 , same
name twice , it supposed to be virtpc1 and virtpc2.
Any solution please ?
uuid should be uniq for each guest. Use uuidgen and replace the uuid= parameter on the second and third guest.

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