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Re: [Xen-users] Xen only showing 16GB of ram out of 28GB

> I installed FC6 and FC7 and the limit exists on both even though FC7
> was supposed to be using a 64bit hypervisor which supports 32bit guests
> (which isn't the case). After various linux installs (including CentOS)
> and different configs (even replacing the hypervisor with its 64bit
> counterpart) I wasn't able to get a system showing all 28GB of ram AND
> work with 32bit guests.
> Out of desperation I bought "Virtualization with Xen" on Amazon for
> more insight. Although the book isn't too helpful since at least half
> of it if not more, is advertising the commercial XenSource (why would I
> buy an expensive Xen book if I wanted to use the newb commercial
> software?) I was able to figure out how to install the latest version
> of Xen 3.1 from source. I got it to boot perfectly and was expecting to
> see all of my 28GB of ram when I ran top but to my dismay it only
> showed 16GB once again...
> Can someone please help me and tell me what am I doing wrong. Or am I
> going about this the wrong way? Basically I want to see all of my 28GB
> of ram and run 32bit guests. I read everywhere this can be done but it
> never works. Thank you to anyone who can help me solve this. If money
> is the problem, please say so and that can be arranged.
> Marco Jorge

Did you install FC 6/7 x86-64 versions? In order to address above 16GB of
RAM you MUST use a 64 bit OS, 32-bit with PAE will only go up to 16 GB if
memory serves me correctly.


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