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Re: [Xen-users] Windows Server 2003 and multiple processors

> I've noticed looking through the archives on this mailing list that some
> of you have w2k3 running with multiple processors.  For any of you that
> have this, which HAL are you using?
> We are running RHEL 5, xen 3.0.4 on a Dell Poweredge 2950.  The
> processors support acpi, but we can't get the acpi (uni or multi) HAL to
> work in windows; the install hangs after it loads all the drivers
> (before you choose disk partitions, etc).  We were able to use the
> "Standard PC" which is suggested by redhat in their documentation,
> however that only allows one processor.

Have you tried Xen 3.1 to see if you have the same problem? I don't have a
HVM capable machine but I know that Xen 3.1 included alot of tweaks for
HVM. Just a suggestion.


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