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Re: [Xen-users] AM2 motherboards with HVM support

Hello Guys,

Tony Hoyle schrieb:
See the thread "Xen AMD-V HVM" from a month or so ago. That was with a GA-M61P-S3. It seems to be a 'feature' of these gigabyte boards that they disable SVM and don't let you switch it on again.

so, there is the 2nd unlucky person who bought a gigabyte am2 board :-/
Long story, short answer:
I am the guy with the GA-M61P-S3. Gigabyte Tech Support wasn't willing to help but I created a solution myself. There is a tool which enables you to modify your and RE-enable the Virtualization-Support (if the option is only hidden in the bios, like it was with my Bios).
This is at your own risk, you can wreck the whole motherboard with it!!!

If you want to give it a try and need further instructions, I'm willing to help BUT you can't hold me responsible if anything goes wrong!

Greetz Age_M

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