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Re: [Xen-users] qemu monitor with only vnc and ssh?

Adam Seering wrote:

Relatedly, though less important: Is there a way to do this with PVM's (since they don't have the qemu monitor)?
Is this for installation processes? Can you use DVD's? I just re-wrote the CentOS installation DVD builder to work for RHEL 5, and would be happy to post a copy.

It's actually for installing many different pieces of software that come on separate CD's. (Also, it's for Windows Vista (HVM) and Ubuntu (PVM) rather than RHEL, though I might be working with RHEL 4 or 5 shortly.) I could try to put them all on one big disk image and mount that; the problem is, I don't yet know the full list of CD's that I'll need, and I'm likely to get more with time.
I only have experience with PVMs, but I wonder why doing:

xm block-attach ${domid} phy:/dev/cd-rom /dev/sdd r

I guess this doesn't work with HVM?

The other thing I do... just in general is make .iso images and loop back in Linux when I need them and in Windows there are .iso mount tools like VirtualCD (or Alcohol?).


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