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[Xen-users] Hot backup vs (local) live migration

Hi, this is the third time I post this question to the list but I have not
received any response.

It is not clear to me why the live migration technique used by Xen and
documented at
can't be used to perform a hot backup of a virtual machine. Based on the
paper, just  before
shutting down and destroying the original VM, there is an exact clone of it
in the remote/destination host.
 Could this technique be leveraged to perform a hot backup? If so, why Xen
does not provide with hot
backup yet? I have been experimenting with VMWare and the performance is
pretty bad since
it uses REDO files.

By the way I tried doing local live migration and I got  *several * error
messages. I am not sure if the errors
have to do with the fact that it is not possible to perform a  local live
migration or some other technical issues
I can solve if I look at it.

I would appreciate any suggestions/advice in this regard.

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