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Re: [Xen-users] Verification of CPU

Quoting Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel@xxxxxxxxx>:

Age_M wrote:
Hi again,

jonr@xxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
Uff, thanks Age, I have always liked Gigabyte and probably would have gone that way if not for your reply.

Yes, me too. Always liked Gigabyte, but Tech-Support wasn't willing to help and for this really small fix, it's sort of a poor support :-/ But, it's not impossible. I finally archived to modify the BIOS and re-enabled the AMD-V support. Though, I don't understand why Gigabyte disabled it. I doubt that it is a stability issue, because the motherbord runs rock-solid here ;) I guess it's just a marketing thing. My M61P-S3 is a low cost board and maybe the +100$ motherboards have the Virtualisation-Feature available...? But it's just a guess...

Greetz Age_M
This is why I hate so many commercial BIOS's, and hope hte LinuxBIOS
project really takes off. So many of such features are concealed or
mis-set by default, and it's very difficult to reset the system
defaults. For example, even if you reset it in a BIOS with VT or HVM
available, you will revert to the default if you fail reboot 3 times in
a row, and you can't reset it without hands and eyes at the console.

This sort of thing is why I prefer to stuff fake keyboard widgets onto
the PS/2 port, rather than rely on BIOS resetting to allow the system
to boot without a keyboard attached on so many server class systems.

This is a good case for serial console access with a cyclades or some other type of serial access box. You then ssh into the cyclades and can then connect to the serial port and change your BIOS settings.


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