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[Xen-users] Crashing dom0 by unloading mISDN


I have a Fedora 7 xen system with a domU to which I have delegated via pciback two isdn pci cards. One is a HFC-S card, the other a AVM Fritz!Card Pci 2.0.

In the domU I load mISDN drivers for the cards. The two cards are recognized and function well UNTIL I either decide to unload one or both of the card driver modules (hfcpci and avmfritz) or I decide to shut down the domU. At this point the WHOLE system locks up: the mouse in Gnome reacts as if in slow-motion, typing in a already open terminal window does still work if characters are entered deliberately slowly one by one. However, commands are no longer executed.

Occasionally, not always however, a message is output along the lines of:

irq 22: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)

Obviously the advise given by the error message did not help...

I did some experiments: all the modules misdn loads when executing "/etc/init.d/misdn-init start" unload flawlessly if no cards are defined in /etc/misdn-init.conf. It is only the actual driver modules for the cards that evoke the problem. Both modules, avmfritz (for the AVM Fritz!Card Pci 2.0) and hfcpci (for the Cologne HFC-S card) cause the system to lock up. It thus seems to me to be a systematic problem with my setup rather than a problem with the implementation with one of the drivers.

Is this a known issue? Is there a remedy? How should I go about debugging it? I would be grateful for any hints.


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