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Re: [Xen-users] Kernel question

> I installed Xen with the standard xen kernel (compiled with "make
> world") but now I wish to compile two kernels (dom0 and domU) because
> I wish a more performance and fast system.

To be honest I'd be quite surprised if compiling separate kernels provided a 
measurable performance difference.  Enabling / disabling SMP support 
according to whether you had multiprocessor hardware might make a small 
difference, but there are patches in the tree to minimise that too.

> What features must I insert and compile (* or M) in the dom0 and domU
> kernel configuration?

If you do:

KERNELS="linux-2.6-xenU linux-2.6-xen0" make kernels

It will build the kernels for you using a sensible default xenU and xen0 
config.  You'd need to customise the configs of the kernels a bit to make 
sure the xen0 one had support for your hardware, and that the xenU one 
supported the features you were interested in.

I'd say that if you really want to build separate kernels, try building a xenU 
kernel, which can potentially be a bit smaller than the -xen kernel.  I don't 
think there's much benefit to building a dedicated dom0 kernel, unless you 
have some specific goal in mind.


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