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Re: [Xen-users] Any person alive got XEN3 to work?

> Is there anybody out there who got XEN3 to work under OpenSuse 10.2

Out of interest, have you tried the Xen3 that's distributed as part of 
OpenSuse 10.2?  That ought to work with the least amount of effort.

However, I guess you may be trying to get a newer version of Xen, so lets get 
on with solving your problem ;-)

> Have downloaded the latest sources, compiled according to tutorials
> And when I try to boot into XEN it tells me:
> ... mismatch between Kernel and Dom0... (it then reboots)
> What does that mean?

On 32-bit, Xen and dom0's kernel need to match memory modes: either they must 
both use PAE, or neither of them.

You can make sure Xen is built with PAE support using:
XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=n to switch it off.

y is the default.

If you're using a custom config for Linux, you need to make sure that you've 
enabled PAE - the option is called something like CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G and is in 
the "high memory support" section of "Processor Type and Features".

Make sure that either you enable PAE in Xen and 64G highmem in Linux, or you 
don't enable either.  Once you've got the matching Xen and Linux you'll be 
able to boot.

If you want to run other Linux distros, or you have a large memory system it's 
probably a good idea to run PAE.  RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, all use PAE only for 
their Xen kernels.


> This is a brand new install, so there is no previous installation on my
> machine
> which could interfere.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Ciao Franchie
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> ----------------------
> P.S. I've been working with Linux for almost 10 years and on UNIX before
> that.

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