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Re: [Xen-users] how to use xentrace and xentrace_format

>         I have read the man page for xentrace and xentrace_format. But I am
> still puzzled on how to use them.
> Could somebody give me an example about how to use xentrace and
> xentrace_format.
> What I have done is that:
> 1.       Root:/# Xentrace
> The display is Cannot output to a TTY, specify a log file
> 2.       Root:/# xentrace /var/perftests/xentrace.log

The problem here is possibly that you've not specified an event mask.  Try 
invoking xentrace with "-e all" to tell it to log all events.

An easy way to tell if this is the problem is probably to ls -l and look at 
the size of the file.  If it's small and not growing, then xentrace probably 
isn't collecting events for you!

> Then I use xentrace_format to get what I want
> 3.       cat /var/perftests/xentrace.log | xentrace_format myformat

That looks right too...  but what is myformat?  Using the default formats file 
from the Xen distribution is probably a good start when you're playing around 
with this, at least until you know you can get some output.


> But nothing could I get.
> Really need your help.
> Thanks,
> Dowen

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