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[Xen-users] Memory peformance

Dear all,

do you have experiences with the performance of of a paravirtualized
guest, especially the memory bandwidth?

Maybe I should first describe what we are trying to do and what our
goals are:

We have a Clustersystem operated with Linux and we want to include a
virtual machine into our computation cluster. I managed to install and
boot our "computational" image and we are benchmarking it at the moment.
But my colleague(he is benchmarking our system at the moment) said that
we have a performance problem with our memory bandwidth.
I have at the moment no figures but he said that the memory bandwidth is
100% lower compared to a direct machine. It sounds that there could be a
"dual-channel " problem.

If you ideas want I can do to tune the performance I would be very glad.
If you are interested in benchmark results and details don´t hesitate to
contact me.

Thanks for your help.


Stefan Berner

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