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[Xen-users] Installing my first XEN paravm

I've searched high and low and can't find any reference to this problem so it 
means 1 of 2 things.  It's so painfully obvious that no one else needs to ask 
or 2, I am the only person using this version of the software.  I think 
probably the former rather than the latter.

I am running a Dell laptop with Fedora Core 6.
I installed the xen packages
per one of the zillion install faqs.  I additionally installed the 
kernel-xen-devel package for some later testing etc.

Everything is cool.  machine boots xm list shows Domain-0 running.

To the heart of the matter.  I try and install a new machine and when I get to 
the location of the necessary files I use nfs as follows.


as my rhel 4 installation source.  The error I get back is that there is an 
invalid install location.  This is the root of my rhel4 installation. I also 
have a WS tree in 4WS and 3WS and fedora core 6 in FC6 on the same nfs server.  
 I use these in my kickstart files for all of our OS loads and they all work 
fine.  When I look at the nfssvr /var/log/messages file, I see that my nfs 
authentications are working properly.  What is missing?

Any help would be appreciated.  


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