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Re: [Xen-users] GA-M57SLI-S4

Hello Merlyn,

merlyn wrote:
I'm bought a GIGABYTE GA-M57SLI-S4 and wanted to use the cpu SVM feature
of the board.
I had the problem too. Gigabytes bioses don't support SVM out of the box. The feature is disabled and hidden in the bios.

I read on this list that some of you had used modbin I believe the mod
the bios so that the option could be enabled. I have modded the latest
bios downloaded from GIGABYTE site and saved the bios.
Yes, I think 5 or more people had a full success in modifying the bios with modbin6. modbin6 version 2.01.02 (06/11) is the one you should use; you can check with:

modbin6.exe /?

But i'm a be scared to flash it...I don't want to create a paper weight with my
Well, I think all of the people who tried that have been a bit scared. It's a risk and yes, if anything goes wrong, the motherboard is nothing more than a paper-weight :-p

could someone help me by telling me the procedure they used for flash as
well as the recovery procedure if something should go wrong..also it
would be nice to know if it should work ok.
The flash-procedure is quite easy. You could use a usb-flash-drive (USB-stick) with the bios-file on it. Then, during POST, press F9 (i guess) to enter QFlash-Utility. If you have enabled USB-Storage-Support in the bios you should see the Flash-Drive in the source selection of the qflash-utility. Choose the biosfile, cross the fingers and pray everything goes OK.

I never had to recover a broken bios and I don't know if there is any procedure to recover from a broken bios-flash?!? So, it better works out the first time!

You can send me your modified bios-file if you want to. But I could just verify if you did everything right with modbin6.

Greetz Age_M

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