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Re: [Xen-users] Copy on write Disk Images

"Michael T. Babcock" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Eric Harney wrote:
>> If anyone has ever configured something like this,  I'd be interested in any
>> notes or opinions you can provide about this kind of configuration, or
>> possibilities for entirely different setups which do the same thing.
> I haven't done it personally, but you could try using LVM's snapshot
> feature to create one or several disk images based on a single
> original image whose changes would be stored in the snapshot storage.
> You'd want to make sure you had enough room for the storage of all
> changes of course.
> -- 
> Michael T. Babcock
> http://mikebabcock.ca

Alternatively (and if speed is not so important) you can use
fuse-unionfs with nfs shares (and nfs is slow, not fuse).

I have the following setup:

/mnt/disk          is exported read-write
/mnt/group/<group> is read-write
/mnt/client/<ip>   is read-write

On disk I have a generic debian that is shared between all clients.
group/<group> contains changes relevant for all clients in a group
(like group lustre, debug, etc) and last client/<ip> is where every
client writes all their changes to.

The advantage of fuse-unionfs over other union FS implementations is
that you can savely edit files on /mnt/disk or /mnt/group without
causing oopses on the client or plain wrong data being cached.


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