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[Xen-users] Kernel patches

Hello, I've been using the Debian distribution official packages for Xen, under 
the stable branch, Etch. The problem arises when I attempt to get custom 
compilation options in this kernel, there are no sources available, just the 
kernel binary image. Since this system is going to be used in machines with 
special hardware, there's a huge need to toggle appropiate compilation options 
under a kernel source tree.

But, with the exception of a few kernel versions, I couldn't find any Xen 
kernel patches that would enable me to build a new kernel using a patched 
version, and tailor everything up to my own needs. So, my question is, is there 
any place where I can download xen source patches for vanilla kernels?

Adrián M. Larumbe <adrianml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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