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RE: [Xen-users] Debian Etch Xen Cluster (DRBD, GNBD, OCFS2, iSCSI, Heartbeat?)

> Sounds like you got some experience with such a setup. Do you think a
> cluster like this is ready for the productive use? Is Xen HVM fast
> enough to host a MSSQL Server (20 Users)?

I was running a pair of xen servers over AoE, and it worked pretty well,
but they were only PV, not HVM. I didn't have any automated cluster
management though, I just migrated the DomU's manually as required. This
of course meant that one day I wasn't paying attention and started up
the same domain on both separate machines simultaneously - that's the
bitter experience I was referring to :)

Without the PV disk & network drivers, I think you'll have a hard time
getting exceptional performance out of Windows HVM. Unfortunately the
Windows PV drivers are only available with commercial versions of Xen,
which doesn't suit me (I'm more than happy to pay for the drivers - up
to a few hundred $$$/vm would be more than acceptable - I just need to
be able to have more flexibility wrt Dom0).


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