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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Boot Problem with XEN 3.1.

Can you post your kernel's .config? I think you must have support for
ext3 as modular, and you forgot to include the module 'ext3' in your
initrd, however I can't be sure without looking at it.
Yes, ext3 is compiled like a module!! I try now to compile this one built-in. I use this procedure:

make linux-2.6-xen-config CONFIGMODE=menuconfig

i select ext3 compiled built-in...no like a module...

make linux-2.6-xen-build

and now:

make linux-2.6-xen-install

config file have EXT3 options = y now. vmlinuz for xen is changed, xen-3.1.gz no...

I still have the same error!! This is my config files:

Slackware12: http://doxspace.altervista.org/config-huge-

XEN3.1: http://doxspace.altervista.org/config-2.6.18-xen

I think continue to generate a bad mkinitrd...

TNX again!

I hope that use new config file...

Try booting to a non-xen kernel and upload your config somewhere that we
can see it with a browser or wget, please don't post it to the list as
my mail client will just clobber it :)


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