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RE: [Xen-users] 32bit windows under 64bit xen?

> I have a 32bit windows running on 2 dual core 64-bit xeon.
> since Windows is not even close to utilizing even 50% of the system,
> I am contemplating changing the system to xen and
> running the windows as a domU.
> I use ubuntu as my base system. as of the latest update it
> uses xen 3.0.3.  I was wondering if I can install a 64bit version
> of xen and still run the 32bit windows without a problem? or
> should i install a 32bit version of xen to be safe?

I am running several 32 bit windows HVM domains on a 64 bit xen+dom0
under xen 3.1.0. I would encourage you to upgrade to at least 3.1.0
(3.1.1 is apparently scheduled for release soon), as windows support is
much better.


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