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[Xen-users] Re: LVM and VMM

Dylan Martin wrote:
I don't think it works to assign partitions on dom0 as partitions on
domU.  I think you have to assign partitions on dom0 as whole block
devices on domU.  So, you'd make an LV on dom0, assign it as hda (or
whatever) in the config file, and then using the OS installer, break
it up into more partitions and LVs.

I use Fedora, and the text only installer doesn't do LVM very well, so
I pre-configure my LV from inside dom0.  Here's how:

(Note: this syntax may not be correct as I'm just running from memory,
but it should point you in the right direction.)


When you boot the system installer, it should find all those
partitions and LVs.  You must tell it to format each one.

Hope that helps.
If anyone out there has reason to believe there is a better way to do
this, please let me know!

I find (on Debian at least) xen-tools is brilliant for doing this stuff.

You mention booting system installers though - I assume you are using HVM DomUs? I've only used PV DomUs myself, so I'm not sure how well xen-tools works for that.


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