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Re: [Xen-users] Windows2003 P2V migration, need help creating a shrunken disk image.

Probably you can use partimage with a system rescue cd.
So you can choose the partition you wan't save and after, restore it inside the VM when you boot with the system rescue cd.
the ntfs support is ok , now


Julien Croquant a écrit :
> I have a windows server with a 250G drive
> the drive is partitioned as follows.
> partition 1: dell utility partition
> partition 2: fat32 windows c: partition
> partition 3: extended partition
> partition 5: logical NTFS partitition.
> NTFS partition was setup with 220G. but only
> about 18G was being used, so i shrank NTFS down to 50G.
> now i want to make a drive image to create a HVM domain.
> how can I create the image so that is is not contain the 170G or so of
> free space i freed up?
> technically i need the image with partition2 and partition5
> which has the MBR code to boot from partition2

You d'ont have to make a drive image, but instead you have to do partitions images. Depends of your setup. If you wan to use a whole drive for your Windows VM then what about just using your current disk ? If you want to share the drive, just use dd to copy partitions as seperate disks. Another possibility is to copy your disk into a file with dd, limiting to copy size to the ending of your last partition (add some Gb to be sure if you prefer).

This really depends of your setup.

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