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Re: [Xen-users] vtpm_manager can't run twice in a row

Luke wrote:
> I can get vtpm_manager to run if I delete /var/vtpm/VTPM.  However, when
> I kill it with control-c, and try to run it again, I get:
> INFO[VTPM]: Starting VTPM.
> INFO[TCS]: Constructing new TCS:
> INFO[TCS]: Calling TCS_OpenContext:
> INFO[VTSP]: Loading Key into TPM.
> INFO[VTSP]: Unbinding 256 bytes of data.
> ERROR in VTSP_Unbind at vtsp.c:720 code: TPM_BAD_PARAMETER.
> ERROR in envelope_decrypt at securestorage.c:156 code: TPM_BAD_PARAMETER.
> ERROR[VTPM]: Failed to envelope decrypt data
> .ERROR in VTPM_LoadManagerData at securestorage.c:459 code:
> ERROR[VTPM]: Failed to load service data with error = TPM_BAD_PARAMETER
> ERROR[VTPM]: Failed to read existing manager file
> What's causing this, and how do I fix it?  I need my guest to get the
> same VTPM every time it starts, so that keys (signing and SRK) persist
> across instances.
Just to add a bit of information - this happens after I let
vtpm_managerd take ownership of the tpm.

Is it just that no one uses this program?  Or is this an error specific
to me?

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