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Re: [Xen-users] testing VMware inside an HVM

On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 10:56:16AM -0600, Scott Serr wrote:
> Scott Serr wrote:
> > <snip>
> > Almost starts but gives this error...  "You are running VMware
> > Workstation via the Xen hypervisor which is known to be incompatible
> > with VMware Workstation.  You may not power on a virtual machine until
> > this hypervisor is disabled."
> >
> > Interesting...  It's almost as if...  there might be a way to bypass
> > this and bleed.  Set an env variable?
> >
> > Has anyone had better luck?  By the wording I wonder if an older version
> > of VMware Player or Workstation would try to work.

One needs even instructions to run vmware in vmware, so that was
to expect.

> Since I've found that my Intel -VT processor doesn't virtualize real
> mode...  and real mode is used with ISOLINUX boot splash menus... What
> are my options for being able to do real mode with a Xen hypervisor? 
> Qemu?  Bochs?  Others?
Bochs should do this, but dog-slow. Used qemu on a dom0 for myself, but
its probably still to slow for your uses as no kqemu-module can be used
to take shortcuts to run instructions directly on the cpu.

> Senario:  Oh, I want to try out Gutsy Gibbon in an HVM...   Ooops, let
> me first shutdown 5 Xen VMs and reboot into a "normal" kernel to do the
> install, then I can convert it to a Xen HVM.
Thats exactly the scenario i use HVM on my private AMD-box here for. 
Worked for every linux-distro so far, but apart from the linuxroad at
bsd, dragonfly etc. its stopping fast.

Running vmware-server on linux and a xen dom0 in a vmware-vm should work,
same for qemu/kqemu and xen in a qemu-vm.
I dislike that order and run xen on first layer.
You could also give KVM a try, maybe it plays better for linux-distros
on your intel-box.

Maybe it is also technically possible to shift the realmode-emulation into
the qemu-layer, have no technical background to say more on that.


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