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[Xen-users] testing VMware inside an HVM

Now that I have an HVM running CentOS 4.5, I decided that I had to test
out VMware Player inside it.  I'd like to colaborate on a project using
VMware Workstation, but would like to use Xen for everything else.

Good news:
vmware-config.pl runs fine
modules install ... virtual machine monitor, etc, vmnet0, vmnet1, vmnet8
all [ OK ]
vmplayer fires up fine
Select an image config (.vmx) to start

Bad news:
Almost starts but gives this error...  "You are running VMware
Workstation via the Xen hypervisor which is known to be incompatible
with VMware Workstation.  You may not power on a virtual machine until
this hypervisor is disabled."

Interesting...  It's almost as if...  there might be a way to bypass
this and bleed.  Set an env variable?

Has anyone had better luck?  By the wording I wonder if an older version
of VMware Player or Workstation would try to work.


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