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RE: [Xen-users] VNC to HVM not starting


        Yes, thank You very much, it is it :-)

        So, for me the following configuration

vnclisten='IP_of_my_xen_server' # Here place IP of the Xen server 

        causes the Xen server listens on the given IP on the port 
5900 (standard VNC) + 4 (vncdisplay) = 5904
And I can vonnect to it through the VNC viewer!


The "display" value seems to be valid at least also for the number 21 and
port 5921 (I do not know if there is some max display number)

Dylan, I propose to place such an example into the FAQ You are creating,
sure, if it is not already there ;-)

        With best regards


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Be aware that tere seems to be some precedence in the parameters.
If my memory serves well, you must set vncunused to 0 if you want
vncdisplay to be considered.


Artur Linhart - Linux communication wrote:
> Hello,
>       I've tested it and this is not true what I said and thought, it
> seems to be the fact the display is not influencing the port...
>       What does it influence, dies anybody know it? Is it a "bug or a
> feature"? What is then the purpose of the vncdisplay option in the
> configuration?

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