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[Xen-users] Attaching additional block devices to Windows 2003 HVM

Hello everyone,

This is my scenario:

1. Created Windows 2003 Virtual Machine on SLED 10 SP1. 

2. The original machine had a single 'disk' in the form of a logical volume 
presented from Dom0.

3. I want to add another block device (another logical volume) to act as 
another drive.

4. I have completed the steps through the virt-manager interface on SLED (it's 
like running a xm block-attach I believe).

5. Running xm block-list --long shows both devices correctly:

Obelix:~ # xm block-list vm11 --long
    ((backend-id 0)
        (virtual-device 768)
        (device-type disk)
        (state 4)
        (backend /local/domain/0/backend/vbd/2/768)
        (ring-ref 8)
        (event-channel 4)
        (protocol x86_32-abi)
    ((backend-id 0)
        (virtual-device 832)
        (device-type disk)
        (state 4)
        (backend /local/domain/0/backend/vbd/2/832)
        (ring-ref 9)
        (event-channel 5)
        (protocol x86_32-abi)

6. BUT, when I connect to the Windows 2003 HVM, I only see one of the devices.  

I have re-started the domU and dom0 environments to see if there was a refresh 
issue, but to no avail.

Are there additional steps that need to take place inside Windows in order to 
see the new drive?


Jose Betancourt

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