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Re: [Xen-users] Re: HVM domU Solaris 10 (Marc Patino G?mez)

i've been wondering the same thing as Marc Patino above,
i have been building Intel boxes up until now, especially with the multicore Intels being quite cheap. can anyone confirm that a new large box, meant to run paravirt and hvm, AMD would be the better choice ?
i think real mode HVM would be very interesting to have.
does anyone know where to find more info on this ?

I can't answer your question with empirical evidence, but I'm just about to buy a large-ish AMD-based system due to what I've read on this list and elsewhere for a couple years. I'm going this way in part because I feel that AMD has a more correct virtualization implementation, in the same way that they have a more correct quad-core implementation, and in part because their 2- and 4-socket quad-core chips are an incredible value relative to Intel's chips (http://anandtech.com/IT/showdoc.aspx?i=3091&p=2) - assuming top-performance isn't your goal... Besides, its fun to support the underdog ;)


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