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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Etch Xen Cluster (DRBD, GNBD, OCFS2, iSCSI, Heartbeat?)

"Mehdi AMINI" <armeni67@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
>> 1) Do what you would do without xen. Throw the power switch.
>> That means you have to teach stonit or heartbeat about xen and the
>> power switch becomes "xm destroy" on the other node instead of a real
>> power switch.
> If the network is down, you won't be able to "xm destroy" the other node.

Which would mean one of the two network cards or the cable is broken
or the node is crashed. You do use a cross over cable for the
sonit(heartbeat link, right?

In that case you have to kill the other node completly with all its
domains. You throw the power switch. With xen it is just nested. You
have a small (xm destroy) and big (real) power switch.

>> 2) Would it make sense to have a bit in the lvm headers to show that a
>> volume is active and have cluster lvm respect that bit and prevent a
>> second activation if run wihtout force?
> I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but your bit mean only that a
> volume is mounted or unmounted (cleanly), it won't be able to detect that
> a volume has been uncleany umounted.

You can alway mount a clean volume. Obviously.

You can also mount an unclean volume if you know the other node is
down (xm destroy) or node power turned off. Mount it with force.

Otherwise you are in a critical failure situation and don't know what
to do so you scream for an admin.


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