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[Xen-users] Start a WinXP installation problems.

TNX Fajar for you response.

No, I have fix this problem with a vimdiff with 2.6.16 config and 2.6.18. Now XEN 3.1 Dom0 start correctly under my Slack12.

Now I try to install a WinXP DomU but I have some problem. I read all discussion about this but I have an error.

This is XEN start and error messages: http://doxspace.altervista.org/start-xen.txt

I think XEN DomU boot but after some messages return to the console.

My configuration is: http://doxspace.altervista.org/winxp

hdb is my block device linked by /dev/cdrom and hda3 is my partition where is img win xp file and iso file.

You can help me?

Best regards

Are you using initrd?
Redhat's Xen build needs initrd since disk and fileystem drivers are
built as modules. I think Xensource's Xen binary is the same.

You may need to compile Xen on your own to include those drivers
built-in, or switch to a distro that bundles Xen (RH, Suse, Ubuntu, etc.)



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