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[Xen-users] Configuring a local bridge


I have a machine at a co-lo, and I want to run xen on it, to host a few
virtual servers, so that I can isolate a few misbehaving applications
from each other.

Unlike most of the examples I have seen on the net, I do *not* make the
virtual machines visible on the net. I do not have enough public IP
addresses for them, and anyway. Instead, I will be having an apache
installation on the main machine, proxying requests to the various
virtual machines, depending on the domain name. I may also want to add
an iptables rule to forward some unlikely port on the host machine to 22
on the various virtual machines.

I would like to create a virtual, very local, network. Say 192.168.19.x,
and have a bridge for that, all inside the main machine, without any
connection to the main machine's eth0 or eth1 (it has two, both with a
real ip address), so that the main machine ( can talk to
the virtual machines at (etc).

I have tried to look at 
but frankly so far I have not gained very much understanding.   I guess
I can configure the interfaces with standard linux tools, but how to set
up the bridge? Do some of the provided examples already do this? I am
not too sure.

I am working on Debian/Etch, in case it makes any difference.

I would appreciate if anyone could share such a config setting, and/or
explain how it should be set up.

   Heikki Levanto
   sysadmin, Index Data

Heikki Levanto    heikki at indexdata dot dk   "In Murphy We Turst"

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