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Re: [Xen-users] NOT RESOLVED: Broadcom NetXtreme II (DELL 1950)

Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Hi,
> Kris S. Amundson schreef:
> > Upgrading the bnx2 driver is the key.  I came to find bnx2 is included
> > in the initrd.  Debian comes with 1.4.44 and Ubuntu 1.4.45 of the
> > driver.  As of this writing 1.5.10c is the latest from Broadcom and is
> > what I ended up using.

Strange. I thought network drivers were not supposed to be included in
the initrd.

> Just updated the driver, verified it was loaded (by version), changed
> the config of xend back to bridged. Restarted Xend, bang, bridge kills
> the interface.

One question. On your configuration, does bridge works on native Linux?

> So my basic assumption:
> - A bridge should be placed automatically by the default scripts over
> something like peth0/eth0 and the vif interface between the virtual
> hosts. The peth0/eth0 is the interface you receive your netwerk
> connections on.

I had problems with some models of Broadcom NICs (both tg3 and bnx2
drivers). Other than that, I didn't like the way xend start script was
changing network device names, so what I did was :
- upgrade the drivers
- changed network-script to /bin/true on xend-config.sxp
- setup bridge using standard RHEL config files

I find this approach works best on my setup. Using RHEL5, which includes



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