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Re: [Xen-users] Ubuntu Gutsy as dom0

GNUbie wrote:

> [1] Is it possible that for domU [1] and [2] (above) to use their own stock
> kernel and not using dom0's kernel?

Yes, this is possible.

> [2] Any tips you can share on how to install different GNU/Linux
> distributions as the domUs?

For debian/ubuntu, look for debootstrap and rpmstrap which are already
in debian/ubuntu.

Sorry, I can't answer the windows questions, but I am interested in
the answers myself.

Erik de Castro Lopo
Learning Linux is like joining a cult.  Sure it's fun at first but
you waste time, become brainwashed, and then have to be de-programmed
by Bill Gates before you can work for Him again.
- Ray Lopez, in UFhK4.33289$y4.1192894@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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