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Re: [Xen-users] Ubuntu Gutsy as dom0

GNUbie wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am currently running Ubuntu Gutsy AMD64 as my dom0 and planning to
> have the following domUs:
> [1] Debian Etch AMD64
> [2] CentOS 5 AMD64
> [3] MS Windows XP 32bit
> My question are the following:
> [1] Is it possible that for domU [1] and [2] (above) to use their own
> stock kernel and not using dom0's kernel?
Yes, use pygrub to load kernel from domU.
> [2] Any tips you can share on how to install different GNU/Linux
> distributions as the domUs?
It should be possible to install from CDROM or http network install. On
Redhat, virt-manager makes it easy for you.

Another option is to use prebuilt domU tarball.
> [3] Can I install MS Windows XP 32bit as domU even if my hardware is
> an AMD64 machine?
> [4] Can I make use of the CD-ROM drive, 
> sound card 
> and USB ports
> from the MS Windows XP 32bit domU?



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