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Re: [Xen-users] RESOLVED: Broadcom NetXtreme II (DELL 1950)

Stefan de Konink wrote:
> When I put a tcpdump on the interface the only thing data came out was
> tap0. What is vif0.1 doing for Xen?
tap interface is created for HVM domains. A PV domain will only create

x -> domain ID
y -> interface index

vif0.1 is the netback for dom0's veth1
vif1.0 is the netback for domU's (domain ID 1) eth0

vethy and vif0.y is only created (in RH's case) after netloop driver is
loaded (which is the case after starting xend). Don't know about gentoo

In the default xend network-bridge script,
1. a bridge is created
xenbr0 -- vif0.0, eth0
2. transfer mac, ip, and routes to veth0
3. eth0 is renamed into peth0, veth0 renamed into eth0

The order is not excactly like that (see
/etc/xen/script/network-bridge), but you get the idea.
I think the purpose is compatibility, to allow applications that uses
eth0 continue to do so.

In practice the ip/route transfer and interface-renaming might cause
some problems for scripts that start before xend (early relsease of
RHEL5's cluster comes to mind), which is part of the reason why disabled
the default network-bridge and setup bridge/ip address using standard RH
config files.



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