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Re: [Xen-users] Install 32-bit Debian DomU on 64-bit Dom0

Do you want to run the guest as PV or HVM?  64-bit Xen 3.1 can do either.  
Earlier 64-bit Xens will only support a 32-bit guest in HVM mode.


On Wednesday 10 October 2007, eugene smithers wrote:
> Forgive me in advance for being both a Linux and Xen newbie...
> We have a dev machine that is 64-bit AMD running Debian (etch) on Dom0, and
> we'd like to have a DomU running an 32-bit i386 Debian Etch (so we can move
> it to a production machine later which is 32-bit i386). Anyhow, I'm
> wondering what, if any, is the easiest path to getting this to work. From
> what I've read, it seems a 32-bit OS can be installed on AMD-64, but I'm
> not sure the steps involved to get this working with Debian and Xen.
> Thanks!

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