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Re: [Xen-users] can i install redhat9 as domU

> I need to install redhat9 on my dom0.
> but i can't find any information about it.
> is it possible to install redhat9 as domU ??

It should be possible to install it under HVM.

> i have HVM supported machine and installed centos 5 as dom0.
> thankfully centos support kernel for installing xen inside centos
> directory in images/xen/vmlinz.
> but i can't find for redhat9

You don't need a special kernel to install a guest under HVM, you just boot 
off the standard install media...  So, if you get an iso image of the RH9 
install CD then you should be able to install it.

An easy way to do this on CentOS / RHEL 5 is to use virt-manager: use 
the "new" option to create a new virtual machine; when it asks tell it you 
want "fully virtualized".  Then it'll ask where your install CD ISO is.  
Point it at this, answer a few more questions, and then you should be good to 

Hope that helps,

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