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[Xen-users] Xen, Virt-Manager, and xm

I'm currently evaluating deploying Xen into our environment, and am having trouble with the following issues: virt-manager and xm seem to be very disconnected in their behavior.  I stumbled across the problem when I was trying to switch the ISO image presented to an HVM.  First, I tried in virt-manager to make the switch while the VM was running.  Didn't work - the VM still saw the old ISO image, even though virt-manager had, aledgedly, switched the configuration.  So, that didn't work, I thought maybe the VM just needed a reboot, so I shut it down and started it back up.  No good - virt-manager showed the configuration as changed, but, once again, the old ISO image was still connected.  So, I shut down the VM, removed it from xm (xm delete), added it back to xm (xm new), then went back to virt-manager to start it up.  Upon examining the hardware details, I found that the configuration had reverted back to the old ISO image.  So, finally, I found that (it seems) the steps I have to take just to switch from one ISO image to another are these:

- Shut down the VM.

- Delete the VM using xm delete.

- Edit the file used to generate the VM.

- Add the VM back using xm new.

- Start the VM.

This seems to be quite a few steps just to switch the media in a drive.  Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way and someone can tell me another way to do this.  I'm using Xen on SLES10SP1 (3.0.4) and virt-manager 0.3.1.  Maybe some of these issues have been fixed in later versions??



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