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[Xen-users] UML inside XEN domU


I am currently trying to get UML running inside XEN. But apparently the execution stops
VFS: mounted root (ext3 filesystem) read only.

If I try to run UML with the same configuration inside dom0 it works fine.

Does anyone has a clue what the problem could be or does it simply not work!

I am using Fedora 7 (2.6.20-2936.fc7xen) and Xen 3.1.0-6.fc7 as dom0 and
Fedora core 6 (2.6.20-1.3002.fc6xen) as domU. I have been using different
UML kernels, some precompiled from nagafix and some which I compiled
myself with similar results.


Stefan Kraxberger

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