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Re: [Xen-users] some basic query related to XenServer Installation!!!

> I am just  newbie to Xen technology. I have some query regarding the
> installation of the XenServer-4.0.1 Base Pack.

Hi there,

This mailing list is mostly concerned with the open source release of Xen.  
Folks on here largely aren't that familiar with XenServer, so they might not 
be able to help you.  The forums at http://forums.xensource.com might be able 
to supply you with more useful information!

> I have installed the Linux Kernel 2.6.23 on my server machine along with
> ParaVirtualized option enabled. Now while going through the installation
> guide, it is stated that
> "XenServer requires at least two separate physical x86 computers: one to be
> the XenServer Host, and the other to run the XenCenter application"
>  XenCenter application requires to be running on Window Platform and as per
> the installation guide, XenCenter application is required  for clustering
> of different Xen Servers to share single Resource Pool.
> *Now if I am just using single Xen server and wants to have the stand alone
> interface just like vmware esx, Do I still require to install XenCenter
> application on some other x86 machine running with Windows OS???
> Is it mandatory or can directly use Xen Server Host by doing ssh myserver
> from some other Linux Machine??

I think you can administer a XenEnterprise 4 host over SSH using the "xe" 
tool.  There isn't a GUI management tool for Linux for XenEnterprise 4 at 
this time (there was one written in Java for XenEnterprise 3).

Does that help answer your question?


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