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Re: [Xen-users] Xen domUs on Ubuntu

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  • From: "Luke St.Clair" <lstclair@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 15:07:43 -0400
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Mark Williamson wrote:

> The domain is probably booting but not sending its console output to the Xen 
> virtual serial console.  You could try adding "xencons=tty" to the extra= 
> parameter in your domain.  Does that fix things for you?

I believe this is the case.  The time on the domain continues to increase.

However, with extra = "4 xencons=tty", I now get the last line to be
"Setting system clock" after I get "Couldnt get a file descriptor
referring to the console", 6 times.

So - it seems to be running, but I can't get a console to fix the
networking.  So this approach seems not to work for me.

> The console has changed behaviour recently.  It used to grab the /dev/tty1 
> device itself so that Xen-unaware distros would Just Work on bootup.  That 
> was a slightly rude thing to do in the kernel, so now it uses the 
> special /dev/xvc0 node (or, on mainline Linux 2.6.23 /dev/hvc0) as the 
> console device.  Pointing Linux at the correct device using console=/dev/xvc0 
> to use should solve your problem and allow you to see the output.

Is this done in menu.lst/grub command line?

> *however* you'll notice I've not suggested you do this (at least, initially). 
> This is because you'll still need to modify /etc/inittab and /etc/securetty 
> in order to be able to start a console on the new /dev/xvc0 and log in.  
> Using the "xencons=tty" should make it revert to the older tty-stealing 
> behaviour which should Just Work.  You then have the option of moving over 
> to /dev/xvc0 once you've switched the config over.  You'll need to move to 
> the more polite /dev/xvc0 route if you want to use the framebuffer console.
> Hope that helps.  Does this fix things for you?

Why isn't this generating lots of "I can't make a domU" posts?  Is this
not an error everyone experiences?

Luke St.Clair

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