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Re: [Xen-users] Some HVM Live Migration Issues

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 11:27:10PM +0530, Shuveb Hussain wrote:
> I am using LVM-over-iSCSI and have 2 SVM enabled nodes. I am using
> [...]
> 1. Do I need a cluster file system in this kind of a setup? No 2 domUs
> will access a LUN simultaneously from different nodes. This setup is
> just to facilitate domU migration.
In my opinion you need a lvm-software that is aware of multiple nodes
accessing the volumes, like clvm or evms.
A cluster-filesystem would also enable migration of domUs that have their 
disc-files on it.

> 2.  I have 2 LVM logical volumes: /dev/vms/winxp and /dev/vms/centos5.
> I am able to create and run HVM domUs from either nodes without
> issues. Live Migration does not work the first time from Node1 ->
> Node2 or from Node2 -> Node 1. But if I create the XP domain once on
> Node1, shut it down, then create it once more on Node 2 and then
> migrate, it works. Really weird, but this is how it is. Looking at the
> logs, everything looks fine. Just that the domain won't start after it
> has migrated the first time. I think there is an issue initializing
> the iscsi LUN in some way or the other.... but I can't make out.
Could be a result of the need of a different lvm-implementation.
If you dont need lvm-features you could also just try this: create
and export iscsi-luns on the iscsi-target of the exact size you need
for using those as disc-devices for the domUs.

> 3. The network stops working after a live migration. The Windows XP
> domain reports that the cable has been "unplugged". I thought this
> might be an ARP issue, but I kept forcing network activity with long
> gaps in between. This never helped, though. What might the issue be?
Not really an idea, just going a step back and see if this works with
para-domUs could help in debugging. 


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