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[Xen-users] Ubuntu DomU: Cannot apt-get many packages

I am not sure if this is a Xen issue or not, but it does appear to be.

I have a Ubuntu 7.10 DomU running on an Ubuntu 7.10 host.  On the host I am 
able to find (and install, if I wish) such packages as "htop", "openvpn", 

I copied my "sources.list" from the host to the DomU and performed an "apt-get 

When I try to search for/install such packages as "htop" and "openvpn", they 
(and many others) are not found!  It appears that only the "core" packages 
are found.

I created the DomU using "debbootstrap", so not sure if that may have 
something to do with it.  Could this be the reason?

Your insight/advice greatly appreciated.


-Alan Murrell

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