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Re: [Xen-users] GLX and Xen

On Tuesday 23 October 2007 17:17:22 Markus Mehrwald wrote:
> Hello,
> I know this is maybe not the right mailinglist but hopefully anyone can
> help me anyway.
> I need OpenGL for VTK. The problem is, that I am not able to install the
> NVIDIA driver for the xen kernel. Is there any other possibility to get
> OpenGL or does anyone know how to get VTK running on a xen kenerl
> machine? Maybe there is a patch for the driver I did not find yet?

Hi Markus,
I'm afraid this is probably going to be disappointing news, but so far as I'm 
aware this doesn't work - due to the changes required for the Xen kernel. The 
one ray of hope is there is a page:
which seems to imply that it can work. I don't have an nVidia system set up 
with Xen at the moment, but I know of colleagues who have tried to follow 
these instructions and not been able to get it to work. Hopefully you have 
better luck.


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