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Re: [Xen-users] some xen issues

Hi there,

This mailing list is mostly full of users of the Open Source release of Xen so 
there is not a lot of knowledge / experience with the commercial derivatives 
such as XenEnterprise, XenServer, XenExpress.

A better place for these questions is probably http://forums.xensource.com 
where there is a greater focus on the commercial product family.

Hope this helps,

On Friday 26 October 2007, SivA wrote:
> Hi ,
> We are using Xen 4.0 version.
> These are the problems we are facing:
> 1) Centos-5 installed successfully from other installation media, Video
> card is detected but
>     mouse is not working.
> 2) Centos-5 installed successfully from inbuilt template,but Video card is
> not been detected.
> 3) Debian 4.0 installed from other installation media, GUI is working but
> mouse is not working.
> 4) Debian 4.0 installed from inbuilt template, but  GUI is not working.
> 5) Suse 10.2 i386 is hanging while boot from other installation media and
> template too.
> 6) After P2V a centos 4.4 64bit, The VM appeared in Xencentre but when
> trying to start the same
>    It can't able to boot.
> 7) How to edit bios settings for a VM ?
> 8) What is the difference between installing centos-5 from inbuilt template
> and other installation
>     media when PV tools are installed in both VMs.
>     Apart from live migration and VLANs, Is there any other difference?
> 9) What are the disadvantaged if any, when clone many VMs from same
> template as no separate
>     virtual HDD is been created for individual cloned machines.
> Thanks in advance
> K.Siva Sankar

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