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Re: [Xen-users] domu state: broken

Mark Williamson wrote:
>> I have yet been able to have a correctly working domu state working
>> without being in a broken state.  I can do everything regarding networks
>> and have check all the appropriate logs but I still can not debug or
>> find out what could be causing the broken state.  Are there proper
>> places one can look?
>> # xm list
>> Name                                      ID   Mem VCPUs      State
>> Time(s)
>> Domain-0                                   0  6560     2     r-----   
>> 317.6 node1                                       10   750     1
>> -b----      4.4
> That looks normal to me.  The "b" stands for "blocked" i.e. it's probably 
> waiting for IO from disk or network.  On a uniprocessor system you'll never 
> actually a domain other than dom0 in the "r" (running) state - since in order 
> to run xm list, dom0 has to be in the act of running.  On a multiprocessor 
> system, a domain which is doing lots of IO, or not using the CPU much, or 
> sharing with other domains is also going to spend quite a lot of time not in 
> the "r" state.
> Does the CPU time usage displayed by xm list go up?  If you use xm console, 
> can you connect to the domain?  I suspect the domain has started OK, but 
> possibly its not displaying the console correctly or something.  It looks 
> like it's running tho...
> Cheers,
> Mark

Thank you Mark.

This is good news...  I have to chuckle to my self because all this time
I have been trying to figure out why the domu was running with 'b'
instead of an 'r'.  It does make sense now with each domu running in the
'b state'. 

Yes, I have noticed the time going up from about 4.4 when started to
right now running at 53.5.  I have been able to use xm console from the
first time but....  when using an editor I have noticed the the screen
reducing in size (guessing to 80 col width) as a small footprint in the
upper left hand corner.  Other than that I have been able to log
remotely from other systems on the network along with the xm console. 

With everything running well I can now start adding the extra services
and reconfigure them for the new xen node.

Thank  you...


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