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Re: [Xen-users] XenSource v Open Source Xen

> All,
> What am I really getting when I pay for XenSource?
> Recently, my organization has been evaluating XenSource for production
> VM use.  I am also looking into the Open Souce Xen hypervisor; I am
> considering using that instead of a pay for solution like Citrix Xen
> Source, before I can make a decision like that, I need to know what I
> get when I pay for Citrix Xen Source?  Is it only the support? (I could
> do without that as somethings I want to do are 'unsupported' by Citrix).
>   Can the OSS Xen do all the same stuff (e.g. same number of virtual
> processors, vlans. memory, etc)?
> Thanks,
> -Eric

A XenSource sales rep could probably answer better. But from an
open-source user's perspective the big things the commercial version comes
with is the Windows Para-Virt I/O drivers, and the XenSource management
tools. Most open-source users have hand-rolled their own, or use other
open source management tools, but there is currently no answer in the open
source Xen to the Windows PV drivers. That GREATLY increases I/O for
Windows guests. There might be other benefits as well but those were the
two that really standout.


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