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RE: [Xen-users] HVM PV drivers lincense with out xen-center

> So... register yourself as Xen Express user you will find the iso no
> doubt and see for yourself. You probably want to run Xen Express to,
> make a real judgment. I sincerely hope the KVM guys will make some
> Source PV drivers that can work with Xen too and otherwise we should
> wait for 'Windows Virtualisation' which does everything natively ;)

I've written some PV block device drivers for windows (see recent email
to -dev list). Very very alpha at this stage (eg it barely works), but
it should get more stable pretty rapidy (I think I've found the main
cause of the instability - I'm breaking lots of WinDDK rules about when
I can wait and call certain functions etc)


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