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Re: [Xen-users] Xen clustering

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
sadegh wrote:

Hi All,
well , if we say FailOver mechanism is stop one and restart another node it is true but if FailOver definition is Migration from one node to another.
What is your idea about it?
Slow down a moment. Failover means different things to different people. A full so-called "High Availability" solution, where each individual component can fail but the rest automatically switch the resources they're using, is useful sometimes but seriously expensive to implement, and the switchover mechanisms themselves create their own uncertainties.
Yes , i mean if we can freeze all of a context (context of processes of OS on a VM) on the shared storage for Live-Migration because of VMM is here then if some fault occurs migration to other host is practicable is it?
increasing redundant hardwares is it?
It's part of an integrated solution. The redundant hardware has to be cross-wired in usable failover setups for individual setups. Xen can be a very useful component for this, because the potentially more reliable centralized storage system can be made extremely robust and the servers swap domains as necessary to other working hardware.
migrating to another non-utilized host (with some mechanisms) decreasing redundancy not all redundancy is it?
and if we have proactive fault detection mechanism we can do it.
Yes, but there are limits to this. Janitors blow fuses: cage monkeys accidentally crimp fiber, or disconnect idle connections. And hard drives fail without any warning whatsoever, even a few at a time. There's a white paper from Google on this I highly recommend, where roughly 30% of the drives fail without any SMART detection at all.
hmmm. yes.
some related works exist.
My thesis is about this subject "Improving Survivability of HA Clusters" (that Mission-Critical apps. runs on...) if any body help me to Hacking Xen, heartbeat and implementing some other tools and compare results we can publishing some Papers about this and have friendly work group!
I am ready to contribute and very appreciate.
Best Regards
Ohhhh. Cool. It's not clear how much you need Xen for this, as much as integration of Xen with the available approaches.
i think the above words is clear
thank you
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